Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Don Hutson comes in at number 9 on NFL Films’ “The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players” list produced in 2010.

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  • The people sick does days

  • This man played, as did many greats, long before there were professional trainers, long before weight programs (the story was that weights made one "muscle-bound" and ruined dexterity and athletic abilities), long before humans knew to put ice on to stop swelling (they used heat up thru the 1960s!!), and back in the day when tacklers could do almost anything to a runner. The spoiled babies of the current generation wouldn't last a day on those fields of old.

    On top of that, the players made spit. They played because they loved to play. Many were injured and died from their injuries, so many that president Roosevelt and Taft intervened to have safer rules put in the game. Even in the 1930s, there were discussions in congress of banning the game at the professional level. Don't think they won't do it. They practically banned boxing for years.

  • How dare you only mention steve largent, he should have been on the list. The finest pair of hands man.

  • The amount of touchdown he scored = His overall in Madden XD

  • Kind of surprised that King would put this guy ahead of Rice, who I think is the greatest athlete in the history of professional sports, never mind the history of football. But in a away it's insane to compare. The game has changed so much.  While everyone wants to talk about how tough guys were back then, players on best ends of the ball were not as athletic and strong as guys today.

  • Hutson was the original WHITE LIGHTNING!!!!!!

  • Don Hutson was a better player accidently than every other reciever was on purpose. He could play today as a slot reciever and make the pro bowl.

  • Should be #1

  • Don Hutson lived long enough to congratulate Jerry Rice when Rice broke many of Hutson's records.

  • To put it in perspective, Wes Welker would have probably had 150 TD's during that same timespan…So TIMING is everything!!

  • Vastly overrated. Had ONE 1000 yard in an 11 year career. Had ONE 70 catch season his entire career. Go to pro football reference and look up career receptions leaders and career receiving yards leaders. You will see that Hutson is only 147th in receptions and 92nd in receiving yards. In fact, with 488 receptions and 7991 yards, he failed to achieve either 500 career receptions or 8000 career receiving yards. Granted he did score 99 touchdowns and that's his positive. But even that's 11 place. So Hutson isn't in the top 10 in career receptions, receiving yards or receiving touchdowns.  And yet, MANY lists of the greatest receivers in NFL history rank Hutson as the 2nd best receiver of all time. Talk about overrated.

  • this top 100 is so bias.. ITS made by old men predominately older than 55 who watched tv during these eras.. the order is so wrong hahahhaa

  • Look how fast he is! Jesus Christ!

  • Wonder if he is a quarter back

  • Do you people not realize he played 11 years with a not so good quarterback where they played 12 games a season? How do you compare Jerry Rice to this man, Jerry played 20 seasons! With Joe Montana and Steve Young as his quarterbacks Don Hutson is and always will be the greatest reciever to ever play in the National Football League

  • 1-Jerry Rice
    2-Don Hutson
    3-Jim Brown
    4-Tom Brady
    5-Lawrence Taylor
    6-Joe Montana
    7-Sammy Baugh
    8-Walter Payton
    9-Deion Sanders
    10-Bronko Nagurski

  • see that separation? TD every 5 catches? 3 times as many TD's? dude is a stud

  • Lol a QB wearing 57 cracks me up

  • He really shouldn't be in the top 10. Maybe top 50, but nothing else

  • Have to factor in the fact that Don would also have access to modern training and nutrition. That kind of production is impressive in any era. It's unbelievable when you consider the primitive passing games and physical play of the time. No one ran routes like him before. Crisp. Ball skills are clearly there. Stay ignorant.

  • Eh, no one comes within the same league as Gretzky, but I get what he's trying to say

  • how come steve largent isn't on this list

  • All these racist comments are nasty

  • Nickname Doc Hudson

  • I love bashing black supremacists. Hutson would rape every black player today in a football game

  • Don Hutson and Bear Bryant played on the same team at Alabama.

  • People are mad whites can be better than blacks.

  • Look at the records he set after he retired after the 1945 season…and look at the # of records he still holds today…amazing!

  • Ok yes he was playing against all white teams, but still he ran around a 4 flat 40 so even if the league had alot of black players he would still dominate

  • no gloves but also no black people…. so does it count?

  • Don Hutson ,from my hometown , Pine Bluff,Arkansas . I grew up staring at his picture and old cleats in the trophy case at Pine Bluff High School. He and another guy from (not too far from Pine Bluff) Fordyce, Arkansas – Paul Bear Bryant, are the reason Alabama has a football program today. Suck it ,Tide!

  • People sleep on Hutson.   This man practically INVENTED the modern receiving game.   The routes receivers run, catching the ball in stride, etc..etc..   All came from Don Hutson.    No other player impacted the game as much as he did, not even LT.    The modern passing game would not exist without Don Hutson.