Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Joe Schmidt comes in at number 84 on NFL Films’ “The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players” list produced in 2010.

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  • 22 stitches near his eye…and continues to play…now they sit out with "turf toe". That's all you need to know about the NFL in the 1950's and the NFL today…a lot tougher then!!!

  • When Detriot played outside had bad fields real shit!!!!

  • A REAL LB!!!

  • One word, joe Schmidt. Lol

  • He's in APF 2k8 a real football game btw!

  • #84?….WAY TO LOW!!!

  • Can't beat him

  • does anybody know the song @ 2:40

  • Joe isn't better than Von Miller Ray Lewis Patrick Willis or even like kuchly

  • greatest of all time at linebacker

  • Remember when the lions and Browns were in the championship?…..
    Pepperidge farm does.

  • not as good as LT or dick butkus