Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk comes in at number 70 on NFL Films’ “The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players” list produced in 2010.

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  • i met him 😀

  • Marshall was a BEAST! He should be rated way higher no doubt. And I'm a Buc fan. He was a amazing RB.

  • Le'Veon who?

  • Madden 2003

  • wish i had tities like that and play like that

  • Seeing Faulk in a Colts uni kind weirds me out.

  • the travesty to put faulk at 70 , should be much much lower! he was such an amazing player. was a joy to watch

  • #70! And Tomlinson is in front of him. And LT was a bad boy! But he isn't faulk! Marshall Faulk is top 5 rb of all time and top 20-25 football players of all time! He is one of the rare people that could do absolutely everything! Like Walter Payton!

  • give me Marshall over Tomlinson all day

  • He was an absolute beast of a back and the Colts might have won a few more SB's had they not let him get away.I mean,Manning had a future HOFer in his backfield while he was young.

  • When anyone mentions the top 5 RBs of all time, you have to mention this man. Everyone constantly talks about Barry Sanders, and I say HELL NO! Sanders was a horrific blocker and his hands were eh. Sanders had great moves and that was it. Very one dimensional. They usually took him out for Goal Line. But not Marshall Faulk. You keep him in there to block, run & catch. This is my top 5 RBs of all times. And I choose these men bc of their complete package:
    1. Walter Sweetness Payton
    2. Marcus Allen
    3. Marshall Faulk
    4. Thurman Thomas
    5. Roger Craig

  • Rico Roberts Athlete ♎ ⚝ 🌌 ⚓ 👌🤘👍

  • Only RB with over 750 career receptions. (764).

  • best complete football player i ever seen

  • 70!? get the fuck out of here

  • Any player in the top 100 is greater out of thousands of average players who couldn't make the list

  • Honestly. In today's NFL, what running back in history would you rather have than Faulk??? He can do EVERYTHING. Go play receiver better than most receivers. He can pass block, he's shifty he's strong he's smart hes fantastic straight up in the I formation or in a spread offense.

  • #70? Ridiculous

  • Oh man, can you imagine if he had stayed with the Colts? The Greatest Show on Turf would have been in Indianapolis instead of St. Louis, and it likely would have been enough to bring the Colts over the edge at least for one SB during the early 2000's when the Patriots dominated them.

  • The most criminally underrated football player of all time in my opinion. He should be a top ten player. He was the most complete running back in football. Best route running rb in history. Very intelligent and the best at picking holes. Great back. Deserves way more recognition than he gets.

  • #70? BULLSHIT!! Top 10 for sure.

  • Marshall Faulk is  the King's X of Football players or King's X is the Marshall Faulk of Bands because… fuck. You watch either perform and they rock it every time. It just makes you wonder why they aren't mentioned as much as they should!

  • How is he as low as 70?

  • Ben

    70th? sheesh

  • Marshall Faulk is da best running back of all times.

  • this guy was amazing.. remember watching him when i was a kid

  • I remember my stupid ass thinking Garrison Hearst & Ki-Jana Carter were gonna be better coming outta college(94). Then again, I was only 12.

  • #70?? #70 is the equivalent of NFL Films calling him Rodney Dangerfield…He got no respect!

  • 4th all time nfl touchdowns and he is number 70? he should be higher

  • Underrrated.

  • He is in my top 5 running backs ever

  • he was so great one of my favorite s in the world 28!

  • he is the real superman

  • I loved that Rams team.

  • now what 6 haters out there don't like my Dawg from the 9th Ward Desire Projects

  • A top 10 player of all-time, he could do anything on a football field….and with him on your team you don't need an offensive coordinator…he was brilliant….the end.

  • Lol Jim Brown is the best and Marshall faulk said so himself