Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Jameis Winston cracks the list for the first time coming in at #57 on the list of Top 100 Players of 2017 as voted on by his peers.

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  • He's a future MVP.

  • Winston is good but Mariota is better

  • When's the last time you saw an athlete born in the 90s with this amount of charisma and leadership? Jameis is a unicorn.

  • I agree with this spot and all but why does he get so much praise as one of the best qbs in the league when he threw the second most interceptions in the league with mike Evans on your team? I understand he was getting triple covered at the second half of the season but he still had brate and Vincent Jackson.

  • Rapest

  • I Think Jameis Winston Should Be Ranked At Least #35

  • bucs to the postseason confirmed

  • Mariotta ahead of Winston???

  • He's a natural leader

  • I rewinded that last conversation on the sidelines at least ten times.

  • chU… #BUCCS4LIFE

  • 2017 NFL MVP.

  • I'm a Falcons fan but I respect the hell out this dude, he's a dog

  • very happy he came into the league with a lot of questions about his maturity and he answered them all quietly with a smile on his face and just flat out playing ball …. …and I'm a Raiders fan so you know that comment was from the heart

  • All these Bucs crying over Mariota having the better line and run and how Winston has a "mediocre" oline and only mike Evans.. lmao stfu welcome to Mariotas rookie Bucs fans 😂 Mariota had the WORST oline in NFL last year and no receivers no running back no defense no coaching. and he STILL lit the NFL up with a clutch 4 TD performance in OT while injured and got a 87 TD run AND a 40 yard TD RECEIVING Bruh smh stfu u bitching Bucs fans😂

  • That last sentence right there before the end…. That man is gonna win a lot of games for Tampa, I hope those fans all know it. Young man is on his way up!

  • Mariota and luck are over Winston. That's why I don't watch this show.

  • R*pist

  • It is actually unbelievable that he is ahead of Philip Rivers and Kirk Cousins. Not a defensible thing to do.

  • Good to see a black quarterback who isn't a run-first scrambler.

  • This means mariotas higher ranked😲⁉️

  • Respect to Winston as a saints fan. If he would've had better accuracy, the bucs would've won 10 games last season. If we don't take the division, I hope the bucs do.

  • Winston is overrated. A turnover machine.

  • Lol! Mike Evans' hat

  • The best young QB in the NFL for sure…

  • This man Charles James ii is barely a 70 ovr on madden and rarely sees the field & this is what he spends his offseason doing.

  • him and jackson are gonna be lethal with oj howard and mike evans they need a running back tho

  • Why is luck 51st

  • Can someone tell Cam that this is how you have fun playing football?

  • Jameis and Marcus what an amazing 1-2

  • honestly I would've placed Winston higher

  • Where is Matthew Stafford, he broke the single season comeback is and still hasn't been listed.

  • where the ravens at

  • Vic Beasely is an overrated bum. Dude was a no show in the playoffs and better not be on this list

  • Jameis will be a top 10 QB this year. This kid is going to be a super star.

  • jameis  gonna win mvp next year with all those new weapons of pass destruction!!!

  • what do the Eagles and a dead sonic the hedgehog have in common?



  • he deserved it this year

  • Jameis Winston better be the starter and not Ryan Fitzpatrick

  • If you dislike Aron rogers tears his acl

  • Dude he sucks.

  • Mariota is better

  • I remember him being just out of the top 100 with an honorable mention, it is nice for him to finally get his deserved recognition, he was a killer on the field, and the bucs will take the NFC South, coming from a broncos fan.

  • 0:15

    Jameis Winston: "You see what we can do as a family!" (Emphasis on the M)

    Vernon Hargreaves: "FAMMMMLY!!!"

  • Winston or mariota
    Winston for me

  • Famous Jameis is a monster