Coming in at #5 on the Top 10 Overtime Finishes of All Time, is the back-and-forth battle between the Packers and the Seahawks for the rights to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLIX.

  • If the Packers didn’t blow this game away, we would not be talking about why Marshawn Lynch wasn’t running it in at the 1 yd line to win the Super Bowl. It’s amazing yet sad at the same time.

  • Still gives me chills GO HAWKS!!!

  • Jermaines only catch was the winning catch lol he caught 1/5 passes

  • I hate The Seahawks

  • Haters be like: YEAH… WELL…. YOU'RE BANDWAGON
    (Haters just so happen to be on the side of the team that lost)

  • As a Seahawks fan, I'd say this was the most emotional game I've ever watched – the lows, then then the highs when we won. But, two weeks later, even more of a roller coaster ride in SB 49 with a loss due to a MB's pick. Not sure how my heart stood up to the test.

  • GB got handed a lead with all those interceptions through Kearse's hands but destiny wouldn't let them steal one

  • I've watched this football game like 5 times since I watched it on TV that day

  • This will for ever describe this Seahawks Era

  • that's next level I never knew a post rooot was a thing

  • 1:32

    I see you, Fitzy.

  • Seattle never quit. Gotta respect that.

  • c-h-o-k-e

  • Most of those interceptions were not even Russel's fault. Hit the receiver right in the hands 3/4 times. But the best thing about the Seahawks is, they don't give up, no matter how slim their chances of victory are. No matter what team that is, you have to respect it.

  • missing 10 thou 6

  • Green bay packers contribute

  • So who choked harder? The Packers in this game, or the Seahawks in the game after this?

  • Are they not going to talk about bostick horrible attempt to grab the ball? Even if he got the ball he probably would have got hit and fumbled. I'm a packer fan.

  • Green gay fans disliked this video

  • Jermaine kearse is one of the most clutch wr in the nfl

  • Keep watching this you freaking haters, because Seattle IS GOING BACK TO THE SUPER BOWL IN 2017…….BELIEVE IT OR NOT………

  • The interceptions weren't Wilson's fault. The footballs were on the money but Kearse couldn't corral the ball cleanly. This was a miracle game and the best of all time in my opinion.

  • This is what made me a football fan… I was trying to pass some time and i randomly flipped the channel to the game. I don't usually watch football games, I didn't know what championship they were talking about. However I had the time to burn and gave it a shot. Even though I knew nothing at the time about football, I knew that nothing short of a miracle was unfolding.

  • That was when Wilson was crying saying all this stuff about God being with them… Then they suddenly stopped being lucky because they got cocky on their last drive of the SB.

  • i watched this game with my dad and best friend both are die hard packer fans, i am a die hard seahawks fan. so it was pretty fun to throw it back in their face after they were taunting me for 3 quarters

  • Green Bay lost this game in the first half when they couldn't put TDs on the board after all those Seattle turnovers in Seahawks' territory. I love Rodgers but he didn't have killer instinct this game. Too many run plays inside the 10.

  • I'm sitting here in disbelief that it's only #5 ha ha… must be because the actual overtime wasn't too long XD

    This game was HEART BREAKING. As a Seahawk fan you're sitting there like, "We have comeback potential! WE HAVE COMEBACK POTENTIAL! …. We're losing comeback potential…. JON RYAN THREW A TD WE HAVE COMEBACK POTE–no wait no we dont. Why is this happening? What did we do wr–WE HAVE COMEBACK POTENTIAL!!!!!! THERE"S ONLY 2.5 MINUTES BUT WHAT THE POOP WITH THAT 2 POINT CON?!




  • Love to watch every game of Seahawks. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • When Seattle won that coin toss to start overtime, I think universally we all said this at once: "This Game is Over."

  • Having watched that whole entire game, the turning point in my opinion was the Fake FG attempt for a touchdown that Seattle got to make the score 16 – 7. That to me was when things started to slowly unfold for both teams.

  • if your a fan or not this was one of the best games that kept you on your seat .

  • This is a very hard game to watch if you are a fan of either team. As a Seahawk fan it was 3.5 quarters of ugly, painful football to watch, followed by an epic comeback and a heart attack. As a Packer fan it was an epic collapse when the game was firmly in the bag. It was even more dramatic than they let on in the video. The Seahawks had their epic comeback but they did it too fast. The completely improbable 2 point conversion that resulted a Wilson to Wilson cross field Hail Mary only put the Seahawks up by 3 with time left. The Packers drove down field in just a few plays to score the game tying field goal. Then came the OT coin flip and the Packers never got the ball again. It was one of the best games ever but as a Seahawk fan, it was very hard to watch and really bad for the blood pressure.

  • I will Never forget this game. Lots of people counted us out, but we "Fought Back" , #GOHAWKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E A

    julius peppers has been the teams demise in these past 2 years. i did not know he told dix to slide. oh wow. the packers play great & then fail epicly. what a shame

  • The packers brought that upon themselves for playing conservative.

  • As a Bears fan, this was the best game to watch in 2014. It was perfect