Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Mel Blount comes in as the 44th best player in NFL history on NFL Film’s “The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players” list (2010).

  • Sanders is great Mel was the goat

  • 3 Corners 1 Mel Blount,2 Willie Brown 3 Deion Sanders Blount was a giant and he was one of the few corners that would knock the sh_t out of you and could also shut you down like Deon but Blount was a hard hitter hard to find a corner like that ever.Blount was the greatest corner I ever saw to play the game.

  • The greatest corner of all time!

  • Blount was a game changer

  • I can't recall the player, but he told the story of going to Training Camp his Rookie year and being determined to be first in line for every drill, which was considered to be a sure sign of hustle and determination. He told himself that there may be better players and higher Draft Picks in camp, but no one was going to out hustle him and he would make the Coaches notice him by being there at the start of each new drill…. He said a drill would end and he would be running as hard as he could to implement his plan and be first…but no matter how hard and fast he ran and no matter how hard he tried to implement his plan, Veteran All Pro's Mel Blount and Andy Russell would beat him there every time..He said he considered it the best lesson he ever learned in life and in football……..

  • Mel Blount should've been higher than Rod Woodson!

  • All you have to know about Mel Blount, is the best WR'er of his era (Paul Warfield) said Mel was the only guy that could run with him and he was obviously a lot bigger than Warfield so Paul said it was a game changer.

  • Greatest corner of all time

  • NFL later on admitted they didn't always enforce Mel Blount 5 yard rule. NFL enforced rule when they played Montana, Brady,Marino, Fouts, Aikman the star golden boys

  • Mel was the OG shutdown corner. I hated the Steelers as a kid but I still watched them. Haha

  • you all heard what Bob said. "They changed the rules because one guy was to good at one thing" eliminating the receiver. Not in today's fantasy world. This man was country strong – not steroid strong – not Golds gym strong – just a freak and on the best team of all time

  • My top six corners:

    1. Mel Blount: big, fast, mean, and talented. Overwhelmed offenses in the '70s when he was allowed to chop up WRs, and still great after they changed the rules just because of him. Could play the game today, even with today's even stricter rules and better WRs.
    2. Rod Woodson: Played in the exact same era as Deion, and while wasn't known to be as adept at shutting down one receiver, he was better at shutting down one side of the *offense*. Fast, powerful, and brought the lumber.
    3. Deion Sanders: Was so talented at his position, he could play it with finesse. No cornerback since Blount could literally write off a receiver.
    4. Mike Haynes: Was Deion Sanders before Deion Sanders.
    5. Dick "Night Train" Lane: Hardest hitting defensive back in history. Still has the NFL record for INTs in a single season. Put those together and you have an all-timer the likes of which we rarely ever see.
    6. Ronnie Lott: Not as fast as the top three CBs, but only Lane could out hit him. Like Woodson, could (and did) play safety almost as well as corner, if not as well.

  • I'm sorry Cliff Branch OWNED Mel Blount

  • Rule changes fucked up the great game of football- give back the D a chance

  • the Mel Blount Rule needs to be repealed

  • the 70s had the best CB's

  • they just signed akil blount I hope he makes the team

  • Mel blount the best cb ever they made the 5 yard bump rule because of him has deion champ charles revis or any other cb have rule changes because of them

  • There weren't any big time receivers back then Mel could never guard a guy like moss, Julio, rice in one on one coverage, his whole play style would be considered pass interference in today's game

  • Best football team of All-Time! 10 Hall of Fame players on 1 team! Chuck Knoll's drafting will never be duplicated! They picked Swann, Stallworth, Lambert, & Webster in 1 draft! 4 Super Bowls in 6 years during 1 of the toughest ERA's of All-Time!

  • so many dominating players on that chuck noll defense, arguably the best of all time, what's hilarious about the "blount rule" is that because mel blount was so good, every corner since has to play at a disadvantage…

  • Inthe 1976 opener at Oakland, Blount nearly planted Cliff Branch ( who also should be in the HOF) into the ground head first….of he did that today, these wr's would quit

  • mel or deion i stuck between them as the greatest corner evet

  • He played my golf course this past season and I swear he could still play today, a mountain of a man

  • when he made the interception at .36. look at the way the entire defence is guarding him. now that is an intimidating sight. wow. steel curtain certainly.

  • A walking sledgehammer…

  • Mel Blount is my uncle. Im not joking.

  • Mel Blount by far changed the way defense is played in the NFL. He was a strong, fast, and highly intelligent football player. Probably the greatest defensive player ever; in terms of how he could single handedly shut down a defense. I think Southern University recently produced yet another Hall of Famer at this position i.e. Arneius Williams.

  • Because of the way Mr Blount was dominating receivers, the NFL made the "5 yard Bump and Run rule"

  • My all time Steelers secondary is Mel Blount and Rod Woodson are my Cornerbacks…Mike Wagner at free safety and Troy Polamalu at strong safety

  • Greatest collection of talent to EVER STEP on a football field .Blount makes an interc and the 7 GUYS BLOCKING FOR HIM ON THE RUNBACK WERE PRO BOWLERS 5-10X OVER

  • So did the Mel Blount rule basically make him a better interception machine or was he that all along? Just asking as a Steeler fan, but Mel Blount played well before I was born.

  • Basically Sean Taylor & Deon Sanders rolled into one. Why is he so LOW on this top 100 list?

  • I didn't know that wasn't always a rule. files under something learned today

  • Mel Blount and Night Train Lane, the two greatest corners of All time!!!!

  • I'd take Mel Blount over Deion Sanders any day of the week. Give me an intimidating CB who will take a WR's head off over a finesse cover CB who's afraid to tackle a ball carrier. I guarantee a WR such as Jerry Rice would rather face Deion Sanders instead of Mel Blount.

  • trumpy was a pass catching tight end……he was a good player…….not great…………blocking no……..trumpy was a good player

  • wow……i did not know he was the first corner to be named defensive mvp……..wow

  • he got burned sometimes….but, he was clutch……rangy……really really good

  • Damn! This guy is good!

  • Mel is the best cornerback too play the game. Just a great player and you know what he's even a better person. This guy is a class act. It was an honor too watch this man play every Sunday as a kid.

  • Mel picked off the greatest quarterback ever(Joe Montana)

  • Best defense to ever play, always will be

  • More Steelers legends. 😆