The Pittsburgh Steelers used outstanding games from Ben Roethlisbeger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown as they pick up a 31-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC North.

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  • if you had to cross and actually get into the touchdown he would of never scored

  • they only win because of the rule

  • Not gonna lie, this was one of the best games of the 2016 season!

  • I was at this game, what a memory lol

  • One of the best rivalries in the NFL! gg Ravens you guys played a good game!

  • I will miss zach orr. dude should stay retired SMH.

  • I'm a Steelers fan to but I swear 90 percent of there games rely on Antonio Brown , Chris Boswell, and Le'vion Bell

  • I'll never forget that Grimble touchdown. Just as I was explaning to my friend his attributes & how he was basically our 4th string TE, I specifically said.. "Grimble's bread & butter is passes up the middle of the field & taking a hit from the safety" seconds later he scores. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NFL fans deserve the play by play guy from this crew to announce the superbowl. We instead get Joe Buck and other shitty annoucers.

  • What an awesome game. Love watching these teams go at it every year. Toughest brand of football you will see all season!

  • I cried

  • they knew they screwed up when they left time for Ben to work his magic

  • As a Ravens fan I must say the Steelers alternate uni's are pretty slick.

  • Odell better be worried…. Eli Rogers is trying to steal his girlfriend 2:58

  • That fat linemen that plays QB for the steelers is a rude persons and someone is never want to meet

  • 3:53 oh you'll see him at 6:16

  • this mightve been the best game ive ever seen. it contends with SB 43

  • That's my team

  • best play ever in 2016 season!
    Go Steelers!!!!

  • I'm very happy Patriots crushed steelers in championship game

  • Just imagian if no one came tomthe staudiam

  • || the immaculate extension ||

  • Steeler fan

  • At 7:17
    His Name is Gay ……

  • Funny how the refs don't call forward progress. Steelers are trash

  • This is why i Love the Afc north ima die hard Ravens fan but i just love watching these 2 go at it every season!

  • gg both teams this was a good fight for both of u :3 i look forward to next nfl season

  • An arm cost us the playoffs.
    Good game anyways.
    But that arm thing is bullshit, for ANY and ALL NFL teams, even if the Ravens do it.

  • Quite possibly the worst trio of booth announcers I have ever heard.

  • the best Steelers-Ravens game ever!


  • J'

  • as a raven fan this HURTS me so much

  • # Steeler FTW

  • This game really hurt my soul! THANK YOU GOD WE CUT SHAREECE WRIGHTS BUM ASS

  • at the beginning of the season my dad said I could pick one game to go to with him and I picked this one…..good decision? heck yeah

  • Steelers diverse to win the arc north title

  • By far, the greatest game I have ever personally witnesses in my entire life (so far, I'm only 17 lol)

  • steelers cheated

  • still cant forget this game… This was my 30th bday gift to myself… from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh… 3rd row seat…. what a game to have been too

  • oh yea

  • Its all cool good game steelers what a HELL of a game that was. But dont worry ravens fans im one myself will be back

  • let's go steelers

  • GG Steelers. You guys were the better team. Hope you guys can go all the way and defeat the pats

  • Wow I love the steelers and the ravens I knew this game was gonna be intense 😂

  • take that raven suck it

  • Sometimes I just watch this for the uniforms. Those rags are sinister.

  • Go Ravens

  • No cable on christmas so the whole family had to watch on my uncle's phone. Made the game even more memorable, go Steelers!