Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson comes in at #12 on the list of Top 100 Players of 2017 as voted on by his peers.

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  • I think David and zeke should switch

  • The Humble Rumble almost won me my league last year. Let's win it this time!

  • "he's not the best back in the nfl yet, but he could be the best ever" Bruce Arians (During DJ's rookie season)

  • Best RB in the league. No questions.

  • 4

  • David Johnson>bell>>>>>>>>>>>> Ameer Abdullah> zeke

  • Top 5 player and best running back way way WAY too low

  • People don't want to believe it yet, but he is the best Running Back in the league right now. I think Le'Veon is incredible as well and a close 2nd. The only ability that Le'Veon hasn't had that DJ has thus far is consistent availability. Zeke is great runner, super tough and is an amazing closer. I think his numbers are great but the O-line does help him out a lot too. Not a knock on Zeke but between DJ, Bell and Zeke, DJ was to do it with the worst line of the 3 and he still makes it look easy.

  • David Johnson is a beast.

  • if Johnson had cowboys Online tho, iupati on the cards has 80 run block in madden in madden he's their best linemen😂😂

  • pay that man he needs his dollars he balling

  • what a joke of a ranking. he's top 4, period. 26th worst offensive line and STILL dominated. he gets 2500 total yards if he's in Dallas

  • 35 second add for a 3 minute video…. sooo fitting for an NFL product

  • I hate that he is in my division

  • 2100 + total yards. 20 TD's. Not a Top 10 player. Wow.

  • He is a Athlete. He should be Top 10 At least.

  • This dude is NO.1 in FANTASY POINTS.

  • He's not even top 5 right now

  • Okay… is it just me or does Leveon Bell always look sad whenever he's talking?

  • zeke over david johnson makes me barf

  • about time the cards got a franchise RB